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All creams are hand made and contains no chemicals, only natural ingredients.


Healing Cream:

The Healing cream has saved a variety of skin condition & wounds. Eg. Saved diabetic from amputation, burn wounds, even healed several animals wounds, stab wounds, surgery, insect bites, it has anti-viral properties, alleviates itching, fungal infections and scars. A first aid cream for any day to day cuts, bruises, contusions, athlete’s foot, any skin related injuries. A necessity for the first-aid kit, camping, schools, factories, kitchens, eczema & psoriasis, clinics & hospitals, households. Some ingredients include Colloidal Silver, Aloe, Lavender, Calendula ++

Anti-wrinkle Scar Repair Moisturising Day Cream:

The recipe of this cream was partly inspired by the teaching of Dr. Nicolas Perricone, a well known international skin care specialist. Over the years this cream has improved the appearance of ageing skin and skin damaged by chemical and acid based beauty creams. This cream has alleviated fine lines & wrinkles. With Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoQ10, frankinsence, myrrh, calendula, rosehip and many quality ingredients.

Skin Tightening Eye Gel

Gently apply the gel twice a day under eyes. This very popular eye gel is known to alleviate bags (oedema) under the eyes and firm up the skin under and around the eye area. Avoid if allergic to Aloe & Cypress.

Anti-Fungal Nail Gel

This gel was formulated for fungal nail conditions from mild to severe cases. Whether it was from having nails done or gardening etc. Offers amazing results in short period of time, providing it is applied 2 – 3 x per day or more.

Anti-Gel: For (*Acne*Psoriases*Warts*Dandruff*Age spots*Pigmentation)

Use this gel on face, body and scalp as many times as necessary for relief of above mentioned, the label says it all: (lots of fantastic & clever ingredients, amazing anti-acne results, not labelled for recipe protection) in glass jars

Cleanser & Toner

use 2 x per day and after sports/perspiration to keep pores clean suitable for: sensitive, normal to oily skin, acne & eczema apply liquid onto a cotton ball and wipe face clean For best result, 1st wash face with Anti-Bacterial Face wash (may also be used as Anti-dandruff shampoo & Anti-fungal Shower & body wash. All Products are 100 % Pure & handmade with Love & Blessings


Ravishing Rose: Urea (plant based, sterilized), milk, rosehip, rosewater, and rose geranium

Sizzerling Citrus: Urea (plant based, sterelized), milk, aloe, arnica, sweet almond, avo, grapefruit, mandarin, sweet orage, lime, lemon and lemon verbena


Anti- bacterial: Lemon, lime, tea tree, colloidal silver and grape fruit extract

Creamy cleansing milk: Rose, geranium, and macadamia oils

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