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obdm logoOur market is open every Friday from 11am till 3pm.

Through its stallholders and community stakeholders the market strives to introduce, develop, promote and nurture the market and its offerings of organic and biodynamic produce. We aim to build a co-operative community which supports what lies behind that.

We are a market where conversations can be held in a vibrant atmosphere.

“Organic”, “biodynamic”, “sustainable”, “permaculture” “free range” ‘fair trade”, “earth friendly” “nutritious” “nutrient dense” are terms which we use joyfully and earnestly. It is not easy in today’s world to source and produce such products. We appreciate and understand the lengths to which our stallholders have to go, the extra mile, to do more than your average “market trader”. Different is not easy. This requires a willingness to learn, change our perceptions and work together in co-operation and with transparency. We need to stand up for what we believe in. We as the market team understand this, which is why we want to walk the path with you, in co-operation and transparency. We are helping to change the world one stallholder, one consumer, one person at a time. This starts with each of us as individuals. Perfection is not what we seek. We aim to define, maintain and develop standards which we all are working towards. We also aim for the market to contribute to our stallholders’ success and personal growth.

To this end we will be pleased to not only discuss and review with you your product offerings, but also how to grow your business, both at this market and beyond.

The aim of this market is primarily to supply fresh organic and biodynamic vegetables, fruit, breads, dairy products, poultry & eggs, meat, foodstuffs (vegetarian and non-vegetarian), other organic & biodynamic produce, complementary products and services each week, to the extended school community. Note: “biodynamic” means using biodynamic methods and farming practices, certified or non-certified.

We are looking for stallholders with Organic and/or Biodynamic produce to supply. We are growing this market within the greater school community and would like to offer a variety of stalls. With this in mind there is an application and selection process.

Aims: To develop a community of vibrant, passionate, successful stallholders in the broader school community, who support our ethos and aims. In so doing we are promoting a healthy social life. To ensure that our organic and biodynamic standards are kept and promoted. To create a culture which fosters learning, teaching and promoting products and practices linked to organic, biodynamic, permaculture, sustainability, environmental care and animal care. Through our associative market economy and activities, to create a culture of healthy growing, purchasing, cooking and nutrition, thus supporting healthier family life. Through variety and balance, to attract customers both in and immediately outside of the school.

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